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    {Trending} The Terrific Turmeric Trend

    My first encounter with turmeric was this ‘yellow rice’ my mom used to make at dinner. I had no idea that she was actually using the turmeric for seasoning, all I knew was that if my rice wasn’t yellow I didn’t like it. Only later on when I started to take an interest in food did I realise she’d been making this ‘yellow rice’ with this earthy spice. Turmeric is a spice made from a root related to ginger, and it’s what gives curry its bright yellow color. Turmeric IS EVERYWHERE All of a sudden, turmeric is having a big shiny moment in the spotlight! It’s been popping up in…

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    My Favourite South African Blogs

    Today, I am writing all about my favourite South African bloggers. What’s a Blogger? When I started in PR in 2011, bloggers were kind of still new-ish to the world. PR peeps were still trying to understand how we could work with them and if our clients would understand their importance. I remember being fully invested in learning everything I could about them and had asked my AD if I could do a few months of research on these bloggers and report back to the team. So it began, and the first person I approached was Shaney from You, Baby & I. We went out for lunch and chatted about…

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    Speckled Egg Easter Cupcakes

    Easter is coming REALLY early this year. Like Friday-is-already-Good-Friday early. If you are looking for some baking inspiration for a Sunday Lunch, why not give these Speckled Egg Easter Cupcakes a go? They are super fun to make and will look so pretty on the table at lunch! You can make you own cupcakes from scratch or use a premix if your short on time. Below is a Vanilla cupcake version with the remainder of the decor ingredients you will need. Ingredients 250g Diced Butter (room temp) 2 cups Caster Sugar 2 cups Cake flour 1 cup Full Cream Milk 4 Large, Free Range Eggs 1 Vanilla Pod, with seeds scraped out 1 ½…

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