{Vegeterian} Fry’s Vegetarian Things

Have you ever tried to eat “Vegetarian” burgers and meats before? I honestly understand why people choose to eat meat instead, especially if you order a ‘Vegetarian burger’ and it turns out to be an overpriced, R70 Soggy Brown mushroom on a bun.

Vegetarians are people too man. My friend Tammy has this struggle all the time – Vegetarian doesn’t mean she is a bunny – satisfied to chomp on a carrot and cucumber platter – even if it is #Organic and #LocallySourced

In some cases you may not be vegetarian but just want to give your body a break from meat without having to go full on #PlantFoodPowered

Enter Fry’s Food. (well they are new to me anyway ha-ha)

Fry’s have every kind of meat and protein alternative product you want – including chicken and beef burgers, sausages, nuggets, schnitzels and pies.

When I first put a few of these Fry’s options in the trolley, Shaun looked at me very skeptically. But his mood soon changed, as he scoffed down two “Beef Burgers” I made him that evening.

Then, I replaced the our usual Chicken Schnitzel (one of his favourite meals) with a Fry’s one. He commented that he could not believe how delicious and real It tasted and neither could I in fact.

I swear, I don’t know how these people at Fry’s do it – but there vegetarian food is so fulfilling and really is #MeatFree

Most recently, I prepared a full breakfast for us and replaced the bacon and pork Sausages with Fry’s version and Viola – a Veggie Breakfast that actually tastes good.

English Breakfast with Fry’s

Another option – why not replace your sausage or ham in your omelette with Frys instead? 🙂

One Pan Omelette with Fry’s Sausages

So go on, give the meat a break once or twice a week – I promise that you wont be disappointed.

This post is NOT sponsored by Fry’s I just flipping love their range!

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