{Lifestyle} An update on Global Citizen

Earlier this year, all we heard about was Global Citizen. Everywhere you went, everything you read, it’s all people were speaking about.

Well, today is the day that Global Citizen is handing out tickets to some of it’s winners…

What’s GC all about?

In case you have been living under a rock, Global Citizen is an advocacy organization, dedicated to ending extreme poverty by the year 2030.

According to their website, they encourage people to learn and take action on their platform; those actions apply pressure on world leaders to make commitments around the issues associated with extreme poverty.

Actions are things like sending a tweet, signing a petition, making a phone call or sending an email and by taking action, Global Citizens are rewarded with access and tickets to music festivals. And the one happening in Johannesburg is going to be huge!

The event will take place on December 2, at the FNB Stadium in Johannesburg, South Africa, and the live broadcast will be transmitted to over 180 countries across six continents.

I spoke to Thabo Bluebird, social influencer and co-presenter on The Hostess SA, who has been trying to get tickets to see his idol Beyonce perform, for over two months.

“I heard about ‘Global Citizen’ a couple of weeks before it went live. What got me so excited is the opportunity to see Beyonce. Ever since I found out who she was, it’s been my dream to see her live. My love for her goes beyond her music, but her work ethic and how she has been able to remain consistent in a very fickle industry.”

Thabo started by firstly downloading the Global Citizen app and signing up online. He then began to stay up to date with all the social actions he needed to take and encouraged everyone across his social media platforms to participate.

The biggest action I took was an 8km walk from my house to Constitutional Hill. Along the way, I asked various people about why they wanted to go to the concert, as well as who they were most looking forward to seeing. I wanted to check how accessible the tickets are to the average South African.

Going at it alone

Thabo says that he is a lone wolf on his campaign to earn Global Citizen tickets.

“Having friends to bond with is a really great idea because if one of you wins, at least you both get to go together. I have been encouraging my friends to sign up and I hope those who did listen and signed up will take me with them if they win.๐Ÿ˜”

“I am really inspired by how everyone has committed themselves to making a difference in the world though this campaign. I have been doing all my actions since the beginning and I am very optimistic that it will eventually pay off. Even if I donโ€™t win tickets, I hope all the actions we’ve taken will actually make differences to peoples lives.”

Thabo is waiting for the draw results to take place, and is also reaching out to everyone that is involved with the project for a job opportunity. He believes that working for the Global Citizen team will be a great learning experience for him.

“I am optimistic that our actions will make a difference. If the international collective puts positive efforts to change, the change we seek will become a reality. Even if the whole campaign only changes 5 people, that will impact 5 other people and it is my hope that this will have a trickle effect.”

“It was Lupita Nyongo that said: “Your dreams are validโ€. If we are in any position to make other people’s dreams come true, it’s our duty to help. We all have certain societal privileges and I hope we use them for the benefit of others.”

Thabo has been one of the most socially active people on my timelines during this campaign period – so I hope he gets his tickets soon – he has most definitely earned them!


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