Peanut and Hazelnut M&M'S

M&M’s – Peanut & Hazelnut Limited Edition

Good news for nut lovers – M&M’s has introduced the M&M’s® Peanut and Hazelnut limited edition for the first time in South Africa.

Whether you are a fan of peanuts, hazelnuts, or both, the delicious colourful buttoned-shaped peanut and hazelnut coated in milk chocolate variant will be on shelves at all major retail stores nationwide, while stocks last.

Why not add them to a batch of brownies or top them on a cake?

M&M's Peanut & Hazelnut
This bag contains your regular peanut M&Ms, alongside some hazelnut ones

The new peanut and hazelnut M&M’s are available in 90g and 128g bags.

Can you tell which ones are hazelnut and which ones are peanut?

Happy snacking!



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