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My Favourite South African Blogs

Today, I am writing all about my favourite South African bloggers.

What’s a Blogger?

When I started in PR in 2011, bloggers were kind of still new-ish to the world. PR peeps were still trying to understand how we could work with them and if our clients would understand their importance.

I remember being fully invested in learning everything I could about them and had asked my AD if I could do a few months of research on these bloggers and report back to the team.

So it began, and the first person I approached was Shaney from You, Baby & I.

We went out for lunch and chatted about how she liked to work, the kinds of things she would/wouldn’t feature, the importance of good content and how we could work together.

I left the lunch feeling so inspired to meet more bloggers and figure out how I could work with each of them.

Fast forward a few more months and I had gone on countless blogger lunches and coffee’s and built an entire preso all about them to make my case to the team. With the help of my AD, soon enough, bloggers formed part of all our PR strategies.

And now?

In 2018 clients aren’t questioning bloggers anymore. Their influential power and ability to speak to niche markets is unquestionable. Bloggers and Influencers are the new TIER 1 media.

I’d like to share with you some of my favourite Blogs in South Africa, the ones that always inspire me and the blogs I always go back to.


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Drizzle and Dip

Sam from Drizzle and Dip is one of my food heroes. She quit her job to follow her food dreams. Not only does she create delicious, wholesome food, but she also styles it in such a classical, rustic way, showcasing every morsel she plates. I have to meet this woman someday – she is a food icon to me.

The Kate Tin

Kate is a baking goddess and I feel like she is SA’s Nigella. Everything she blogs about makes you want to lick your screen and it’s fun and colourful and one of my favourite places to go for fail-proof baking recipes, inspiration and baking tips.

Tails of a Mermaid

Natalie from Tails of a Mermaid is my favourite SA travel blogger. She has practical travel advice and has even started her own travel getaway guide, to inspire other bloggers and instagrammers to travel, learn from each other and explore together.

Tech Girl

Sam is also one of the bloggers I met up with in the beginning (when she was still working at an Engineering company) and she has become one of my favourite bloggers to this day.

When she isn’t providing readers with easy to digest updates on the latest tech, fashion and beauty tips, she is hosting an Esports gig. She’s one multi-tasking powerhouse.

Rattle and Mum

Tanya is another blogger that I used to go to coffees with and her blog has been around forever. It is not only written for moms – she has a combination of beauty, fashion, food and health posts. Her honest reviews and content appeal to her audience, which is why her blog is one of the biggest success stories.

You Baby and I

Shaney from you Baby and I is one of the sweetest bloggers I know. She is a young mum with three beautiful kids, working hard to create fantastic content, while also using her blog as connector for moms and brands through her side project – Mom Says. She puts so much effort into everything she does, which is why brands LOVE working with her.

In My Bag

It is no secret that Candice is one of the most helpful beauty bloggers around and brands value her input and her readers are very loyal.

I witnessed her willingness to help first hand when I commented on one of her blog posts how sensitive my skin is and within a few days I had a full-on list of recommended products she had sourced for me for free from her Dermatologist!

Lipgloss is my Life

Leigh’s Twitter feed is almost always on fire. She says what’s on her mind all the time and is passionate about creating real, authentic content. She shuts down fake instagrammers and bloggers who buy their followers (THIS IS A REAL PROBLEM) and when she is not doing all of that, she’s cutting through the clutter to decipher the best beauty products out there, so that you don’t have to.

Pretty Opinionated

The girl behind Pretty Opinionated is Tammy Wilford, a lady I had the privilege of working with in PR.  She is a vegetarian, yoga-loving, environmentalist and always has an interesting opinion about something. (Did I mention she used to work with Mmusi Maimane?)

Here’s a list of some other great South African bloggers that Feedspot has listed that you might want to follow.


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