Try the New LINDOR Milk Mint

A week or so ago, I got a drop from Lindt SA to celebrate their new variant in the LINDOR range – the limited edition LINDOR Milk Mint, which arrived in a BEAUTIFULLY packaged Gold box filed to the brim with the green chocolates.

I wasted no time in opening this beautiful box and unwrapping a LINDOR ball, and it didn’t disappoint, with it’s smooth melting chocolate and mint center, inside that delicious shell that slowly melts away in your mouth. BLISS.

Lindor Milk Mint

The limited edition choccie is available in cornet box of 200g, as well as a 3-piece 37g at all major retailers and Lindt Boutiques nationwide.
Product information and recommended RSPs:
· LINDOR Cornet 200g – Recommended RSP R94.95
· LINDOR 3-piece Milk Mint 37g – Recommended RSP R18.95
Say Hello to Lindt SA on Instagram and let them know what you think of this new variant before it’s off shelves!
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