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Visit Woolly Bugger Farm 1
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Visit Woolly Bugger Farm

Want to know why you should visit Visit Woolly Bugger Farm? Read on.

Shaun turned 30 last month and it’s kind of become a tradition that we take each other away, instead of buying presents.

Visit Woolly Bugger Farm 3
Shaun the Sheep on an adventure again at the top of the Woolly Bugger Farm

We call them ‘experience gifts’ and they are really awesome, because exploring a new place is kind of like a gift that keeps on giving (sounds cheesy I know) and you’ve got those special memories forever. (Truth)

I did some research on some more off-the-beaten-track fly fishing places and I found this article on Getaway Magazine and decided on Woolly Bugger Farm in Tonteldoos.

What you need to know
The road to get there is very bumpy and you will need a SUV or 4X4, but don’t let all the online reviews scare you – its not as bad as many people make out. (I think it’s just because they are used to the tarred roads of Dullstroom)

The farm has four luxury stone cottages that are a good distance apart to ensure privacy and each cottage is different, catering for different size groups. Being just the two of us, we stayed in the Half Hog.

Visit Woolly Bugger Farm 5

Visit Woolly Bugger Farm 7

How much?
The Half Hog costs R800 per night and it’s self catering accommodation, so you need to do your shopping beforehand as it’s 22km back to Dullstroom if you forget the milk.

We came fully prepared having shopped at Lydenburg Pick ‘n Pay.

I loved every moment of being in the beautiful rustic kitchen, and I was leaping out of bed every morning to cook something in the lovely kitchen, or even just to make us a cup of tea.

The cottage has french styled windows with a view to the garden and dams.

Visit Woolly Bugger Farm 9

Visit Woolly Bugger Farm 11



Visit Woolly Bugger Farm

The Fishing
When we weren’t resting or eating, we went fly fishing (Well, I always try my best anyway) and the two dams were well stocked with Trout & Bass respectively.

Try as he may, (and he tried the entire weekend), Shaun couldn’t catch a trout. They were doing this strange thing and LEAPING out of the water every few minutes, but no matter what fly he used (sinking or floating) they wouldn’t bite his flies properly, with only an occasional nibble. Even dragonfly flies didn’t work.

According to the owners, they weren’t spawning yet (when fish breed) so who’s to know why they kept rocketing into the air.

Visit Woolly Bugger Farm 14

Visit Woolly Bugger Farm

Visit Woolly Bugger Farm 17

I managed to catch two baby Kurper.

My ‘fly fishing technique’ you ask?

There were a bunch of miggies (Shaun cringes when I use this word) that had just started to hatch and I had positioned my fly right by the action to try and get a fish to bite. My strange technique worked, much to Shaun’s surprise and the other guests dismay. (also no catches for them)

So even though we weren’t able to catch any trout, we thoroughly enjoyed the weekend away.

Visit Woolly Bugger Farm

Even if you personally don’t fish, I’d still recommend visiting Woolly Bugger to recharge your batteries.

Doggies are welcome and other activities include:

Mountain biking – Bring your own bikes, there is approximately 4km’s of road and 15km’s of nature trails for the more adventurous

  • Go on a nature walk – 15km’s of nature trails all mapped out with sign boards
  • View Game – Red Hartebeest and Blesbok roam the back of the farm, as well as many hares and jackals
  • Swimming – Small splash pool at the Lapa and a stream

You can visit Woolly Bugger’s website here
If you need to hire / buy any fly fishing gear before you head out, stock up here

Visit Woolly Bugger Farm

Visit Woolly Bugger Farm

This post is not sponsored by Woolly Bugger.

Shop Fly Fishing gear at Reel Fly Fishing. 

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