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le famished cat
  • LOW Fodmap Veggie Pasta 1
    Mains,  Gluten Free

    LOW Fodmap Veggie Pasta

    This LOW Fodmap Veggie Pasta is a warm and comforting bake to make for dinner. It uses low FODMAP pumpkin, spinach and tomatoes, as well as a little bit of ricotta cheese.  It serves 2 people or serves 3 people with slightly smaller servings. The recipe can easily be doubled and this pasta is best eaten on the day of making. What are FODMAPs? Put simply, FODMAP’s are a collection of short-chain carbohydrates (sugars) that aren’t absorbed properly in the gut, which can trigger symptoms in people with IBS. But you don’t just have to have IBS to be effected, you may just experience general discomfort when eating these foods…

  • Low FODMAP Tabbouleh with Peppers
    Mains,  FODMAP,  Gluten Free

    Low FODMAP Tabbouleh with Peppers

    This is my Low FODMAP Tabbouleh with Peppers recipe best eaten as a side or as a main meal for lunch. This recipe using low FODMAP red and green peppers, mint, parsley, the green part of a spring onion, quinoa and feta. The simple dressing that accompanies the tabbouleh is made with lemon and olive oil.  Tabbouleh also spelt tabouleh or tabouli, is a Lebanese salad that is made with bulghur wheat, onions, tomatoes and parsley. Sadly, whenever I eat traditional Tabbouleh I get cramps because bulghur wheat and onions are a big no-no if you have IBS. Low FODMAP Tabbouleh with Peppers So today I am sharing my tweaked…

  • Shake What Mother Nature Gave You with Aromat Naturally Tasty 5

    Shake What Mother Nature Gave You with Aromat Naturally Tasty

    Shake What Mother Nature Gave You with Aromat Naturally Tasty! Whether you’re enjoying a salad, a wrap or a snack this summer, Aromat Naturally Tasty is encouraging all South Africans to ‘shake’ what mother nature gave them as they enjoy light, healthy and flavoursome meals. With no MSG, GMO’s, artificial ingredients, preservatives or colourants and 40% less salt, Aromat Naturally Tasty is the perfect guilt-free all-purpose seasoning. Aromat Naturally Tasty Says Aromat Brand Lead, Thobeka Mkhize: “In this context, mother nature refers to the natural flavours in Aromat Naturally Tasty. The seasoning’s key ingredients are a subtle combination of mushrooms, bay leaves, turmeric, onion, celery. These flavours make this seasoning…

  • Sweet and Sour Tofu
    Mains,  Gluten Free,  Vegan

    Sweet and Sour Tofu

    Here is my recipe for Sweet and Sour Tofu on Rice – perfect for #MeatFreeMonday and it is Vegan & Gluten-free too. Trust me – it is DELICIOUS.  The secret to making delicious tofu  (in my opinion anyway) is to: 1. Drain your Tofu on a kitchen towel 2. Cook in a delicious sauce 3. Bake or Fry it. All About Tofu I love Tofu and believe it is highly underrated – It is a fantastic source of plant protein and just last month I made this recipe too: Sweet and Salty Baked Tofu This Sweet and Sour version is served over a bed of rice, but you could also…

  • Easy Sweetcorn Fritters
    Mains,  Gluten Free

    Easy Sweetcorn Fritters

    Here’s my recipe for Easy Sweetcorn Fritters that are gluten free, made using rice flour, sweetcorn, egg and spices of your choice.  (You can also use cake flour if you prefer) South African’s love fritters and sweetcorn fritters are kind of the perfect side or snack for Heritage Month. I used the OG Koo Sweetcorn for this recipe – keep in mind there is a difference between canned corn and sweet creamed corn. Easy Sweetcorn Fritters Celebrate summer with this quick and easy 1 bowl recipe, that can be tweaked easily. Use cake flour instead of rice flour, and you can pretty much use any herbs and spices you like…

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