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Product Photography

If you are looking for fresh, minimal, clean and creative photography for your product, I also specialize in Product Photography in South Africa – Shooting content for a range of brands in the restaurant, food, clothing and makeup spaces.

How it Works:

First, please kindly put together a brief for me:

  • What is the product?
  • Where will you use the images?
  • How many images do you need per product?
  • What kind of mood or style are you looking for (you could even create a mood board – that would help me a lot ūüėä
  • Would you like hands in frame?
  • Would you like still photography or stop motions
  • What is your deadline?
  • Include very specific instructions for example: only show this side of the packaging, make sure lids are off, etc.
  • You can also advise if you’d like me to use any specific props.

Once you’ve got this information

  • Email me at Cat@lefamishedcat.co.za
  • I will quote you accordingly based on the unique requirements you’ve requested
  • Once the quote is accepted, please arrange delivery of the product to me
  • I will shoot the content and send it to you for approval

Snapshot of Recent Work:

Product Photography in South Africa Product Photography in South Africa

Product Photography in South Africa

Restaurant Photography

Are you looking for restaurant photography in South Africa?

I would love to put together an affordable package to batch-shoot a few dishes and drinks for your restaurant.

Get in touch with me with your requirements. Email me: Cat@lefamishedcat.co.za

Here is some of my past restaurant work:

Product Photography 5 Product Photography 7 Product Photography 9 Product Photography 11 Restaurant photography South africa


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