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Speckled Egg and Cocoa Nib Bark

So, Easter is around the corner and to celebrate I am making this super delicious Speckled Egg and Cocoa Nib Bark. If you have not ever tried using cocoa nibs, you are seriously missing out! These little nibs not only add an intense chocolate flavour to foods but also a subtle and satisfying crunch.

You make think that they are too bitter but you’d be surprised! They have all the benefits of eating dark chocolate, without the added sugar. They are high in fibre, protein, and antioxidants, and contain the same mood-boosting chemicals that make a bar of dark chocolate so satisfying.

I am obsessed with them at the moment – adding them to smoothies, chia pudding and now this chocolate bark.

Bark 1 1

And because Easter is around the corner, I just had to throw in a few speckled eggs too. Speckled eggs are a guilty pleasure and I actually avoid buying them because I can eat the whole bag by myself in a few minutes.

By sprinkling them over the chocolate – the bark has quite a festive and colourful look, plus the jelly-like middles add a chewy texture to the shards.

Speckled Egg and Cocoa Nib Bark

Speckled Egg & Cocoa Nib Bark

Speckled Egg & Cocoa Nib Bark

Speckled Egg and Cocoa Nib Bark

Make this chocolate bark as a decoration and take-home gift for the Easter lunch table, or just store some shards in a glass jar as your secret stash. Who is judging?

Cocoa Nibs and chocolate drops all available at The Refillery.

chickpea 3

Speckled Egg & Cocoa Nib Bark

Make this chocolate bark as a gift for the Easter lunch table, or just store some shards in a glass jar as your secret stash. Who is judging? 
Course Dessert
Cuisine American
Keyword Chocolate Bark, Cocoa Nibs, Easter, speckled eggs, the refillery
Prep Time 5 minutes
30 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
Servings 4
Author Cat Barker


  • ½ cup Semi-Sweet milk Chocolate Drops
  • ½ cup dark chocolate drops
  • ¼ cup Cocoa Nibs
  • 125 g Speckled Eggs


  • Line your baking pan with a sheet of baking paper
  • Roughly chop up your speckled eggs and measure your nibs out so they are ready
  • Add your dark chocolate to a small glass bowl and microwave for 30 seconds. Remove and stir with your spatula
  • Return to microwave for another 30 seconds and stir again. Most of your chocolate should be melted, but not all of it, so watch this process carefully
  • Now add your semi-sweet chocolate drops and stir them into this melted chocolate mixture for at least 2 minutes. The chocolate should be glossy and clump free. Make sure you do not get any water near the chocolate.
  • Using your spatula, spread the chocolate mixture over your prepared pan, ensuring to even out the chocolate so it is level and then quickly scatter around the nibs and speckled eggs. The chocolate will harden quickly so work fast.
  • Refrigerate for an hour and then break into shards


Equipment Measuring cups, Glass bowl, baking tray, baking paper and spatula

Bark 14 2 e1554890375638

Disclaimer: Speckled Egg & Cocoa Nib Bark was created by Le Famished Cat for The Refillery


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