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  • Banana 3
    Sweets & Snacks,  Gluten Free

    Cassava Chocolate Banana Bread

    A recipe for a gluten-free Cassava Chocolate Banana Bread that is super moist and filled with pops of milk chocolate.  I am super excited to share this Cassava Chocolate Banana Bread recipe with you today. I have been testing the recipe for a few weeks and it is finally perfection. It is probably the best gluten-free banana bread ever…if you like chocolate. But who doesn’t like chocolate? Measuring your Ingredients I have written out ingredients in grams as you need to be very precise. Try not to substitute any of the ingredients I included here, this was meant to be a gluten-free bread. 🙂 You can get your cassava flour…

  • Make Mushroom Alfredo with Bio XXI Fettuccine
    Gluten Free,  Lifestyle,  Mains

    Make Mushroom Alfredo with Bio XXI Fettuccine

    Last week I attended the launch to celebrate the BIO XXI RANGE now being available in SA and I decided to use the Bio XXI Fettuccine I was gifted to make Mushroom Alfredo. Before we get into the recipe to Make Mushroom Alfredo with Bio XXI Fettuccine, here is some more info on this new brand that has just hit our shelves. Bio XXI hails from Coronilla, a Bolivian family-run company, internationally renowned for its exceptional eco-social business model and Quinoa-based, gluten-free foods. When they say family-owned, they mean family-owned and the founder Diego and his mom welcomed us to the launch and even got involved in the cooking process.…

  • Seed Bread
    Gluten Free

    {Gluten Free} 4-Seed Health Bread

    Happy Monday! I made it through the Gut Cleanse week and I am feeling pretty chuffed with myself – and so should you if you were cleansing with me. 😁 So in the spirit of keeping things clean – I came up with a new recipe for a healthy Gluten Free Seed Bread yesterday… So, you know that meme – ‘You don’t go to Dischem knowing what you need, Dischem tells you what you need”? I went into Dischem for a tweezer and came out with Ultimate 4-Seed Mix, Gluten Free Oats and Psyllium Husks. Random selection I know, but I had an idea while I was standing in the…

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