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  • How to Elevate Food Photography with Props 1

    How to Elevate Food Photography with Props

    Today, I’m sharing my top tips on How to Elevate Food Photography with Props. Every foodie knows the value of good props and how they take a boring one-dimensional image and turn it into something truly unique. You don’t need to be a professional photographer or even a food stylist – with the right props that compliment your beautiful food you can take the viewer on a journey of senses, of memory and of taste. Don’t forget to visit my Prop Shop to Start your collection www.foodphotographypropshop.co.za and learn how to elevate food photography with props. The real magic of food photography are the little details that work together to…

  • Make Easy DIY Rope Coasters

    Make Easy DIY Rope Coasters

    Since you guys loved Lovilee’s DIY Cake Stand so much,  I asked her if I could post another one – and decided on this blog post from Lauren Kim on how to Make Easy DIY Rope Coasters. You can get really creative with this DIY project, making use of various ropes and textures to achieve different results. You could even spray the ropes different colours or dip dye to make a rainbow coaster. If you create a set of 4, 6 or 8, it could be a great gift for someone or just a great addition to your own decor. By going slightly bigger, you can make placemats as well. Make…

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