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{Spa Day} Escape JHB & Visit Zau Spa 53
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{Spa Day} Escape JHB & Visit Zau Spa

Want to escape from grey old Jozi for a day?

{Spa Day} Escape JHB & Visit Zau Spa 55

Then take an hours drive to the Diamond town of Cullinan and you can relax in the tranquility that is Zau Spa, set against the backdrop of the Cullinan Dam.

My sister and her boyfriend were raving about this place so I decided to third wheel and gatecrashed their appointment.

{Spa Day} Escape JHB & Visit Zau Spa 57

As we walked in to the spa we were warmly greeted by the friendly, professional staff, who seated us outside and began to wash our feet, and then hand us robes and slippers to change into.

{Spa Day} Escape JHB & Visit Zau Spa 59

Once we were in our robes we headed to the cozy and warm dining area and were served tea, quiche and fruit and yoghurt – all part of our package we chose for R950pp (You get to choose 3 treatments you’d like!)

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{Spa Day} Escape JHB & Visit Zau Spa 63

Treatment 1:
Once we were finished our small brekkie, we headed off to our first treatment – a head, neck and shoulder massage – which was so relaxing we almost all fell asleep. The ladies also keep the room warm with a heater and they play the most relaxing forest music while they massage you. After about half and hour of this heavenly massage you wait by the pond in the sun and have a drink.

{Spa Day} Escape JHB & Visit Zau Spa 65


{Spa Day} Escape JHB & Visit Zau Spa 67

I couldn’t help but notice how the Spa was decorated so differently to anything I’d ever seen. Scales, bowls, cups and all kinds of household items are cemented into walls and floors, and can be found throughout the house. There are authentic vintage wardrobes and drawers, unusual abstract art, weirdly shaped light fixtures, mismatched mirrors and ornate decor all over the spa.

{Spa Day} Escape JHB & Visit Zau Spa 69

{Spa Day} Escape JHB & Visit Zau Spa 71

{Spa Day} Escape JHB & Visit Zau Spa 73

Treatment 2:
After soaking in some much needed sun, my sis and her boyfriend went for their facial. I chose the arm, hand and leg massage instead. Bettie my therapist took me to another part of the spa – this white beach looking house, placed me in a reclining chair and massaged my hands and feet until I could barely keep my eyes open. She played this really hypnotizing music of crickets chirping in a forest which was the most relaxing thing I have ever heard I swear.

{Spa Day} Escape JHB & Visit Zau Spa 75

After this treatment I dazily and dreamily headed back to the pond to sit and wait formy final treatment – A full body swedish massage.

Treatment 3:
Well i’m ashamed to admit I fell asleep during this blissful Swedish Massage, and I drooled too. It was the best massage I have ever had. Ever.

After all our treatments we headed back to the pond area again and were served quite possibly the best Lemon Meringue I have ever tasted.

{Spa Day} Escape JHB & Visit Zau Spa 83

I would HIGHLY recommend a visit to Zau Spa! Get out of jozi and spoil yourself! I believe it really is the best value for money spa I have ever visited.

Book here and all other details are included below:
Address: 7 Hospital Street Cullinan South-Africa

Tel: 012 734 119

Email: info@zauspa.co.za

Say hello to Zau Spa on Facebook here

Let me know if you decide to visit!


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