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Let UberEats help you stick to those New Year’s resolutions

Are you one of those people making New Year’s resolutions to be a healthier person, but then failing epically by the end of the first month? If you are – do not hate on yourself, because one statistic has shown that only 9.2% of people ever achieve their New Year’s resolutions!

I think the most common mistake is that people choose to make very BIG changes to their habits, or try to achieve too many goals at one time. If you think about it, even changing a small percent of your habits requires a drastic amount of motivation. So, it would make sense then that we should not set goals too high, or make too many at one time.

The New Year’s Effect

For so many people, New Year’s is a chance to get healthier and maybe even lose some weight. For others (like myself) it is a continued process to increase fitness, get stronger and eat good food. Your goal is your goal – set it and be realistic with yourself.

Did you know that diet is more important than exercise? In fact, the saying goes it is 80% what you eat and 20% exercise. While I do try to live a healthy lifestyle, sometimes life, deadlines and pure laziness get in the way. So ordering in with UberEats and selecting healthier food options – such as Kauai is a godsend.


Kauai, New Years Resolutions , UberEats

Here is my top four reasons why UberEats and Kauai will help you stick to those New Year’s Resolutions this year.

Filter for the right food.

What easier than filtering for healthier food options? UberEats allows you to select meal options that suit your lifestyle whether you are a banting, vegetarian, vegan or following a gluten-free diet – there is something for everyone. Kauai specifically is fantastic for the health conscious and they have clearly marked food options for vegans, vegetarians, low carb eaters and gluten-free diets.

Order customisation.

This feature is something my IBS self loves. If you choose not to eat certain foods – the app allows you to let the restaurant know what ingredients not to include. Hold the onions and garlic, please!

Get food fast.

While food preparation is key to sticking to healthier eating, sometimes life gets in the way. Maybe you are stuck in a meeting or on deadline. You do not want to eat bad canteen food, or worse, a garage pie. Just use the UberEats app to get a healthier option delivered to your door within an hour. No new year’s resolutions broken.

Get in the goodness.

What do you want to fuel your body with? I am always looking for better sources of protein to reduce my meat intake. That includes seeds, nuts and spirulina. My top 3 recommendations from Kauai that are chock o’block with goodness…  a Nature’s Protein smoothie, filled with vegan protein, hemp seeds, spirulina blend, banana, pineapple, coconut milk and pressed apple juice. a Thai crunch salad – free range chicken, cashews, broccoli, carrot, red pepper, cabbage, mint, sesame, pickled ginger, greens, Thai peanut dressing and the Anti-oxidant smoothie – Acai berries, goji berries, raspberries, banana, pineapple, coconut-infused water, macadamia nut butter and honey.

We are lucky to be living in a day and age where healthy eating is made easier by apps like UberEats. I will always rely on Kauai to help me stay healthy when I do not have time to cook, or when I just feel like a delicious and nutritious pick me up.  So – what are your new year’s resolutions?

Kauai, New Years Resolutions , UberEats


Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by UberEats 

Let UberEats help you stick to those New Year’s resolutions 4

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