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    My Holy Grail Skincare Products for Sensitive Skin

    If you have very sensitive skin like me, then you may want to read this blog post which features my Holy Grail Skincare Products for Sensitive Skin.  Disclaimer, this is not a sponsored post! Hello, my name is Cat and I have what dermatologists like to call hypersensitive skin. My family have another pet name for me, rash ball. There is even a running joke in my family – if something says Dermatologically Approved, the REAL test is if it doesn’t give Cat a rash. The Skincare Culprits There is a long list of things that have made me break out into hives or rashes over the years (contact dermatitis),…

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    Ever heard of Probiotics for your Skin?

    Have you ever heard of probiotics for your skin? If you have been following along this week, you know I am doing a guided 7 day Gut Reset with Nine Aesthetics and Nourished WellBeing. Tomorrow is my last day of the cleanse, but I was already seeing the effects on my body by day 3, including less bloating and constipation. Then on day 4, the bad bacteria in my gut decided they were not going out without a fight and my skin started to become sensitized and inflamed from all the toxins being released. You see, when your body is detoxing from anything, you’ll likely go through withdrawal symptoms. This…

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