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  • How to Blog Better with Natural Light 1

    How to Blog Better with Natural Light

    Today I am going to teach you How to Blog Better with Natural Light. You don’t need fancy lighting to take light and bright pictures, but what you do need is to understand is how to use natural lighting in your favour. I am blessed to live in sunny Johannesburg, South Africa, which means that I have access to around 3000 hours of natural light per year. (there are 8760 hours in a year to put that into perspective) If you are living in a sunny country like South Africa, then there really is no reason to have to worry about using artificial light to take pictures for your blog.…

  • Hooray! Mother's Day NetFlorist Discount Code 11

    Hooray! Mother’s Day NetFlorist Discount Code

    Hooray, I have a Mother’s Day NetFlorist Discount Code that I wanted to share with you all because let’s face it – times are tough and there really is nothing better than brands giving back to us now and then. Mother’s Day is on Sunday the 10th May and I know I need to get my mom something to say thank you for all she has done and continues to do for me. Also, this lock-down has made me realise just how much I miss her when I don’t get to catch up on weekends over a cup of coffee. What would I buy my mom with my NetFlorist Discount…

  • Make Marshmallow Easter Egg Bunnies 19
    Lifestyle,  Sweets & Snacks

    Make Marshmallow Easter Egg Bunnies

    Today’s recipe is fun DIY that is very easy to do with the kids – How-to make Marshmallow Easter Egg Bunnies with Cadbury Fluffies. All you need are Cadbury Fluffies, two Cadbury Dairy Milk Slabs, sprinkles, white fondant, some icing sugar and toothpicks. DIY: Marshmallow Easter Egg Bunnies Easter is one of the most anticipated long weekends of the calendar year and is a great time to enjoy downtime with family, friends and create memories with the kids. With that in mind, I created this simple DIY for you to do with the family this Easter. Make Marshmallow Easter Egg Bunnies Today’s recipe is fun DIY that is very easy to…

  • Our Wedding - The Event Details 25

    Our Wedding – The Event Details

    Today’s blog post is a look at Our Wedding – The Event Details. In this post, I will go through all the details of our wedding event and all the small touches that made it such a beautiful day, as well as the cost for a few basic suppliers. I will also share some of my tips for planning. I still can’t believe how fast the day flew by, but that’s why we get photographers and videographers, to help us capture all the obvious moments, as well as those not too obvious moments in between when we aren’t even aware we are being filmed or photographed. The moment that the…

  • Where to Eat around Sedgefield 100

    Where to Eat around Sedgefield

    Today’s blog post focuses specifically on where to eat around Sedgefield and surrounding areas. I am lucky enough to have spent a few weekends and holidays in Sedgefield over the last five years. This place has gone from being a town I had never heard of, to one of my favourite places to visit. Situated between Knysna and George, Sedgefield is a seaside village that is surrounded by lakes and sand dunes and covered in beautiful fynbos and other colourful plants. Everyone always raves about Cape Town, but I really think Knysna, Sedge and Wilderness are some of the most beautiful places you could ever visit in SA. I plan…

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