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Make Marshmallow Easter Egg Bunnies 1
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Make Marshmallow Easter Egg Bunnies

Today’s recipe is fun DIY that is very easy to do with the kids – How-to make Marshmallow Easter Egg Bunnies with Cadbury Fluffies. All you need are Cadbury Fluffies, two Cadbury Dairy Milk Slabs, sprinkles, white fondant, some icing sugar and toothpicks.

DIY: Marshmallow Easter Egg Bunnies

Easter is one of the most anticipated long weekends of the calendar year and is a great time to enjoy downtime with family, friends and create memories with the kids. With that in mind, I created this simple DIY for you to do with the family this Easter.

Make Marshmallow Easter Egg Bunnies

Make Marshmallow Easter Egg Bunnies 4

Make Marshmallow Easter Egg Bunnies

Make Marshmallow Easter Egg Bunnies

Today’s recipe is fun DIY that is very easy to do with the kids - How-to make Marshmallow Easter Egg Bunnies with Cadbury Fluffies.  All you need are Cadbury Fluffies, a Cadbury Dairy Milk Slab, sprinkles, white fondant, some icing sugar and toothpicks.
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  • 2 150g Cadbury Dairy Milk slabs
  • 6 Cadbury Fluffies (Marshmallow Eggs) frozen for at least an hour
  • 100 g Modelling Paste / Fondant available at baking shops
  • 6 toothpicks
  • sprinkles any type you have
  • 50g icing sugar


  • Freeze your Cadbury Fluffies overnight.
  • To make the bunny ears, use modelling paste/fondant to shape a cylinder shape and then pinch the ends to make the tip of the ear and make an indent in the middle of the ear to get the shape. Insert a toothpick into the ear while the fondant is soft. Leave to dry overnight
    Make Marshmallow Easter Egg Bunnies 8
  • The next morning, make a thick paste of icing sugar and a few drops of water. Carefully fill the bunnies inner ear with this paste and sprinkle the sprinkles. 😜 Let dry.
  • For the final step, break up your Cadbury slabs of chocolate. Add to a glass bowl and microwave for 30 seconds, then stir, repeating until the chocolate is melted.
  • Remove your frozen fluffies from their packaging, place them over a cooling rack, with a roasting pan underneath to catch the dripping chocolate.
  • Gently pour the melted chocolate over the frozen fluffies coating well. Dont worry about the flat underside of the Fluffy.
  • Cool at room temp for 15 minutes. Now insert your ears that you made earlier by gently pushing the other end of the toothpick into the top of the egg,
  • Freeze the eggs for 30 minutes to set fast and then eat.


Eggs can keep at room temperature but ideally should be kept in fridge 

Once you have made your Marshmallow Easter Egg Bunnies, it is time to set up an at-home Easter egg hunt for the family.

How to Host Your Own At-Home Easter Egg Hunt

Hide the eggs and treats

If you are hosting an Easter egg hunt for your children and they are different ages, divide the garden into two zones so you can organise based on age groups. Go easy on the smaller kids by leaving eggs on low branches and in open places. You could even demarcate their area to help guide them on the right path. Then, make it more difficult for older ones by hiding them in difficult places such as under leaves, in branches, at the bottom of drainpipes, in the flowerbeds, hidden inside a curled-up garden hose, in the mailbox, or on top of the car tires.

The 50/50 split

Make sure your egg hunt includes mindful snacking. Incorporate 50% chocolate and 50% small toys, puzzles, activities, nuts, fruit and vegetables for a bit of variety. If your kids very small make sure the eggs are filled with items that do not contain small parts or choking hazards.

Baskets or reusable shopping bags

Hiding treats is easy, but kids will need something to collect them in. You could give them baskets beforehand and ask them to decorate with colourful ribbons or encourage them to use reusable shopping bags or even backpacks for more of an adventurous feel.

The Clues

Written clues could add a nice personal touch and make for a great adventure for your older kids. You could even go one step further and write with a UV pen, meaning you can only see the clues with a UV torch. If you have younger children try using picture clues instead. Try googling Printable Easter Egg Hunt clues, which you can then also use as a guide on where to hide the bounty!

Keep a Tally & Finishing Up

It is worth making a note of how many eggs you have hidden and some of the sneaky spots you managed to hide them. You do not want your pets to be unearthing chocolate a few months later. Once your kids have completed the hunt, you could also award a bigger prize to the child that collected the most eggs, or another more inclusive idea would be to incorporate a treat-filled piñata for the kids to bash as the final activity in the hunt.

Competition Time

To spread some sweetness this Easter, Cadbury will also be hosting digital competitions for fans to win some Eggstra-ordinary prizes this Easter. From the 19th of March to 9th April, hop over to the Cadbury South Africa Facebook page and help Fluffy save Easter by finding the Cadbury Easter eggs.

Follow the registration prompts and once complete, you stand a chance to win daily prizes including one of 100 x R100 Takealot vouchers, one of 50 x R200 Superbalist vouchers, one of 20 Cadbury Easter hampers, as well as one of three 2-night packages at a family getaway for four people sharing.

The Cadbury Easter Range

Make Marshmallow Easter Egg Bunnies

Cadbury South Africa’s Easter range includes three mouth-watering products; Cadbury Fluffies (30-unit box of Cadbury Milk Chocolate covered Mallow Eggs) and two Cadbury Milk Chocolate Hollow Eggs (one including Whispers and the other with Astros).

This Marshmallow Easter Egg Bunny recipe is sponsored by Cadbury 

Make Marshmallow Easter Egg Bunnies 11

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