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Where to Eat around Sedgefield 1

Where to Eat around Sedgefield

Today’s blog post focuses specifically on where to eat around Sedgefield and surrounding areas.

I am lucky enough to have spent a few weekends and holidays in Sedgefield over the last five years. This place has gone from being a town I had never heard of, to one of my favourite places to visit.

Situated between Knysna and George, Sedgefield is a seaside village that is surrounded by lakes and sand dunes and covered in beautiful fynbos and other colourful plants.

Everyone always raves about Cape Town, but I really think Knysna, Sedge and Wilderness are some of the most beautiful places you could ever visit in SA.

I plan to do a blog post on the awesome things to do in the area very soon, but for now a focus on food. 😊

Where to Eat In Sedgefield & Surrounds

Oysters R Us

Since 2012, this female-owned and managed business run by Natasha De Freitas and Natalie Oliver, has become one of the most popular oyster spots along the Garden Route, selling on average 1000 to 1500 oysters per day in peak season!

Their enthusiasm for the business, love of oysters and warm hospitality are instantly felt when visiting the establishment.

The oysters are farmed and come from Saldanha Bay.

They’ll show you how they shuck oysters, explain the process of keeping the tanks clean, recommend different ways to ‘garnish’ your oyster (there are a lot of ways including a South African version), and basically make you feel like your a part of their family from the moment you sit down.

I decided to try oysters for the first time this year and while I can’t say I was the biggest fan, I do love the atmosphere of Oysters R Us and the fact that you can visit their deli to enjoy some crackers, cheeses and olives if you’d prefer.

Find out more here.

Zucchini Restaurant

Where to Eat around Sedgefield

Where to Eat around Sedgefield 7

On the way from Sedge to Wilderness is this awesome stop called Timberlake Organic Village. Nestled inside are a few small shops and restaurants – one of which is Zucchini – a homey country-style restaurant that serves healthy, hearty South African meals.

Notable mentions – their gourmet burgers are really delicious, the beer tasting trays are value for money and a nice way to relax on a warm or cold afternoon in the sun. Their breakfasts (although small) fill the gap. Find out more here.

PiliPili Beach Bar

PiliPili is a beach bar is in the best laid-back location – right by the dunes at Myoli Beach. You may tell yourself that you won’t be staying for long, maybe just a pizza and a drink – but somehow, with the sand between your toes, the relaxing music and sea air – time will fly and you’ll find yourself three Pina Coladas down without even realising its 6 pm.

Must Tries – PiliPili is famous for its thin, wood-fired pizzas and their huge pizza oven outside, which are so moreish you won’t be able to stop with one slice.

Oh, and they do Gluten Free as well!

Where to Eat around Sedgefield 9

Find out more here.

Mr Kaai

Across the road from the old Sedgefield Railway Station, is the unpretentious, hole-in-the-wall Fish shop – Mr Kaai’s. I mistakenly assumed the owner was Mr Kaai, only to realise that was not the case at all.

It’s a family-owned fish shop that draws in locals and visitors, who bring their own wine and enjoy a generous portion golden fried fish, tasty hand-cut chips, savoury rice and by far the tastiest coleslaw I have ever eaten.

Where to Eat around Sedgefield

Find out more here.

The Wild Oats Farmer’s Market

Finally, no review of the Sedgefield area would be complete without a visit to the WILD OATS Community Farmers’ Market.

Its the highlight of every trip down to Sedge – as without fail – every Saturday morning from 7h30 to 12 noon, we all head to the market. It has the most extensive variety of stalls, selling their locally-produced foods, both the take-home and breakfast variety.

There’s really something for everyone here – Including free-range meats, chicken, lamb, dairy and cheese. The market also specializes in fresh-from-the-field vegetables, as well as many plants and flowers – Including my favourite – The Protea.

The market is VERY well supported, with patrons visiting from Knysna, George, PE and Plett!

Head there early and reward yourself with a cappuccino and plate of tasty breakfast croissants or a famous mince filled vetkoek that people are always queuing for!

Every time we go to the market, without fail, we buy about 20 or so of these Argentinean Sugar Dusted Cookies with a Guava Paste called Lolitas. All I can say is – DO YOURSELF A FAVOUR.


34 Degrees South

Here is the thing that astounds me about 34 Degrees South (at the Knysna Waterfront).

It does something that most restaurants wouldn’t have the balls to try – let alone get right – they specialise in more than just one kind of food.

From pizza, pasta, salads, meat mains, seafood (Including the Knysna Oyster) and sushi, grills and espatadas, you will never be disappointed with what you order.

They bake their own bread and pastries, have a wine shop, sushi bar, deli, groceries section and clothing and gift shop.

It’s our go-to Restaurant in Knysna and we’ve been there countless times and always leave happy.

Visit them here.

The East Heads Cafe

Head over to East Heads Cafe VERY early – especially in peak season – this place often has a line snaking all the way down to the parking.

As you walk into the restaurant, take a breath of the pristine, salty air as you relax on the covered patio or inside the restaurant (my favourite spot), where white sliding windows open up to gorgeous close-ups of the breathtaking Knysna Heads.

Where to Eat around Sedgefield 27

Where to Eat around Sedgefield 29

Where to Eat around Sedgefield 31

The breakfast menu is the real star of the day for me – made up of casual simple food, prepared well, with one or two quirky touches, with almost all ingredients been sourced locally.

This is my favourite breakfast spot in South Africa and has the most unique and utterly delicious bowl of oats you will ever eat – The Jack Daniels Apple Crumble Oats, affectionately known as Jackie Oats.

Apples sauteed in butter, cinnamon and Jack Daniels. It is quite literally heaven in a bowl.

Where to Eat around Sedgefield

The waitresses are friendly and attentive and your every need is attended to meticulously – despite how crazy busy the place seems.

A must visit restaurant!!!

George & Wilderness


Kaaimans Restaurant Is situated next to the Kaaimans River under the bridge between George and Wilderness, going towards Knysna.

Set on the dark tannin-stained banks of the river, the restaurant is in an idyllic forest-like setting, giving you an open-air feeling, with a simplistic wood and glass interior that cocoons you in such a way that you don’t even hear the highway.

Big doors open onto an outdoor area with umbrellas and stunning views.

Pizza is the best I have ever eaten on the Garden Route (sorry Pili-Pili) and the portions are incredibly generous.

You can also hire kayaks from them and go on an adventure to work up your appetite before lunch.

Find out more here.

Krust Cafe

Right opposite the Garden Route Mall is a smaller shopping centre called Eden Meander Lifestyle Centre.

In this centre, you’ll find Krust Cafe, which I believe has the best coffee in the area and is also great as a temporary ‘coffice’ when you need to get some work done.

Lots of great healthy vegetarian and gluten-free options too, with one of the main features being a takeaway gourmet ice cream waffle cone.

Hope you enjoyed this article on Where to Eat around Sedgefield and surrounds!

Where to Eat around Sedgefield 44


  • jenni parfett

    you do need to visit the new and fabulous OAK LEAF bistro in old Belvidere and you’ve not been to Upstairs at Rosie’s? or the quaintly charming Bistro Ceilero on the Hoekwil road, can highly recommend these three!

    • Cat Barker

      Thanks Jenni! Going back this month so will def try Oak Leaf, we did hear about it but ran out of time. I did go to Rosies but It wasn’t great and service was too slow which is why I don’t recommend.

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