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  • Make this Gut-Friendly Thai Green Curry

    Make this Gut-Friendly Thai Green Curry

    A few of you have been asking for this recipe since the Bosch Cooking Class I hosted, so here it is-  my Gut-Friendly Thai Green Curry Recipe. The Thai Green Curry paste is made from scratch in a matter of minutes and all you need is a blender or food processor to create the paste. I tend to avoid store-bought sauces and pastes as they are loaded with garlic, onions and preservatives, which are a big no-no if you suffer from IBS. By making the paste from scratch, I avoid this. After the paste is made, you move on to the making the actual curry, which takes less than 20…

  • Honey & Soy Noodle Bowl with Ina Paarman's
    Mains,  Gluten Free

    Honey and Soy Noodle Bowl with Ina Paarman’s

    An easy lunchtime recipe for a Honey and Soy Noodle Bowl with Ina Paarman’s Honey & Soy Coat & Cook Sauce. I have always had a fondness for Asian-inspired dishes, so when Ina Paarman asked me which products I would like to create recipes with; my first option was their Honey and Soy sauce. Honey and Soy is a classic stir-fry and dipping sauce in Asian recipes but is also used to create sticky chicken wings or ribs. I decided to do a vegetarian dish because as I am sure you know by now, I try to eat more plant-based meals and love coming up with vegan and veggie recipes…

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    How to make DIY Unicorn Noodles

    Want to know how to make these DIY Unicorn Noodles that change colour from Purple to Pink? The recipe for how to make these DIY Unicorn Noodles is super simple – I wasn’t sure if it even warranted a blog post. But here we go – Enjoy! 💜🧡💛💙💚 Cut up some purple cabbage, place in a pot of boiling water and wait a few minutes until the colour of the water changes. Now add your noodles and boil till soft. Finally, squeeze lemon juice over the noodles and watch the magic happen! But how does it work? Basically, cabbage juice acts as an indicator, meaning it changes colour as it’s…

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