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le famished cat
  • How not to be a Butt-head in the Kruger 1
    Lifestyle,  Travel

    How not to be a Butt-head in the Kruger

    As promised in my last Kruger article, I wanted to write a blog post about How Not To Be A Butt-head in the Kruger. There are a lot of regular Kruger goers, old-timers and veterans, who have been going to the park for years, who respect the rules and etiquette of the Kruger and who constantly have to deal with butt-heads who show no respect to the park and animals. Butt-heads everywhere in the Kruger What we have come to realise in our time visiting is that nobody reads or respects the rules they receive from SAN Parks when driving into the park. With that in mind, here are a…

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