Le Famished Cat

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le famished cat
  • {GF & DF} Honey & Thyme Roasted Pink Potatoes 1
    Dairy Free,  Gluten Free,  Mains

    {GF & DF} Honey & Thyme Roasted Pink Potatoes

    Sundays Breakfast is Pink Potatoes, roasted in Honey and Thyme, topped with a soft boiled egg. If you haven’t seen my post about Wesgrow’s Speciality Potatoes, then check it out here This pink variant is named Magenta Love, has a pink skin and pale-pink flesh, with a silky smooth texture and a fresh, earthy taste. The sweetness of the honey and the freshness of the thyme really help to elevate the taste of this variant and you can’t help but devour an entire bowl of these Unicorn Spuds. Happy Cooking, Love, Cat Ingredients: 10 Baby Magenta Love Wesgrow Potatoes Knob of butter Salt and Pepper to taste 5 – 6 sprigs…

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