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{Gluten Free} Ama Kip-Kip Cake & Kasi Star Brands 2018 21
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{Gluten Free} Ama Kip-Kip Cake & Kasi Star Brands 2018

Last week I was invited to the Ask Afrika Kasi Star Brands Awards 2018/2019, recognising brands most loyally used by South Africa’s township consumers.

It was there, when I got some inspiration for a proudly South African treat – this Ama Kip-Kip Cake.

{Gluten Free} Ama Kip-Kip Cake & Kasi Star Brands 2018 23

More on that in a moment…

So the event I was speaking about was held at Zonki Shebeen in Muldersdrift and the food and treats were displayed in a way that made it look like you were visiting a trader table (you know the small ones that sell single cigarettes, HALLS, Chappies etc. 🙂

{Gluten Free} Ama Kip-Kip Cake & Kasi Star Brands 2018 25

I grabbed about 4 packets of this very South African snack – coloured popcorn – AKA Ama Kip-Kip.

I wanted to eat two packets and create something with the other two packets – dont judge.

{Gluten Free} Ama Kip-Kip Cake & Kasi Star Brands 2018 27
Oh and who can say no to Chappies?

During the launch, it was announced that Kiwi Shoe Polish was the overall Kasi Star Brand winner – giving the Kasi market real value for money and delivering on their promise of quality and excellence across their product range.

Coming in after Kiwi were, in order of rank: Coca-Cola, Sunlight, Koo, Dettol, Lucky Star, KFC, Mageu, Moir’s and Shoprite.

So, if you are a brand manager listen up – Research showed that the average Kasi citizen will support brands that are able to go the extra mile for them by meeting the following criteria:

  • Acting ethically
  • Fitting into their lifestyles
  • Never disappointing them
  • Innovating
  • Taking the time to understand them
  • Creating an emotional affinity to their brand
  • Demonstrating that they can be trusted, and
  • Giving back to their communities.
  • Overall, a very interesting event to attend!

Ok, so there is no doubt that Ama Kip-Kip is a popular township snack, so popular it inspired the famous AMA KIP KIP Clothing brand.

The actual Ama Kip-Kip snack, also known as ama skoppers, is a sweet and multi-coloured popcorn popular in townships. The name “kip kip” is an expression for calling chickens.

When I got home, I decided to create an Ama Kip Kip Popcorn Cake.

It’s really easy to make and shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes to prepare, and it’s Gluten Free too!


{Gluten Free} Ama Kip-Kip Cake & Kasi Star Brands 2018 35


  • 2 small bags of Ama Kip-Kip
  • 70g of popped plain salted popcorn (store bought or homemade)
  • 150g Mini Marshmallows
  • 50g Chocolate Buttons or Smarties
  • 100g Butter


1. Grease a cake pan with butter (26cm is fine)
2. Pour Ama Kip-Kip, Popcorn and Smarties/Chocolate Buttons into a big bowl

{Gluten Free} Ama Kip-Kip Cake & Kasi Star Brands 2018 37

4. Quickly pour melted marshmallow mixture over popcorn mixture and stir until mixture evenly coats the popcorn

5. Now spoon this sticky mix into the cake pan and use a wooden spoon to push down into the pan, packing the mixture tightly.

6. Then, turn the pan over onto a plate and the cake will pop out easily (you can give it a nudge with a knife if its sticking)

7. Chill for one hour in fridge and cut into slices and serve

{Gluten Free} Ama Kip-Kip Cake & Kasi Star Brands 2018 39
Kasi Inspired Ama Kip Kip Popcorn Cake
{Gluten Free} Ama Kip-Kip Cake & Kasi Star Brands 2018 41

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