How to Make a Dinosaur Cake Stand

Today’s blog post is a DIY on how to make a Dinosaur Cake Stand, courtesy of Karen Kelly (kaRi) from the blog Lovilee.

kaRi reached out to me to ask if she could feature one of my recipes on her site, and I was beyond excited to hear from her because she’s a well known and well-established blogger in South Africa, who’s been blogging since 2013!

kaRi says she is a creative at heart that loves pretty things and sharing pretty things with others and if her blog is anything to go buy, her creativity is off the charts.

She is the go-to blog for all wedding inspiration and with only a few months to go until our wedding, I am going to be pinning away over the next few weeks. I especially love this piece on minimalistic weddings.

I asked kaRi if I may repost this blog article on how to make a Dinosaur Cake Stand because if you know me, you know I love getting creative with food props.

So here’s the easy DIY from Lovilee.


  • A small side plate or saucer
  • A plastic dinosaur or animal of your choice that stands upright by itself
  • A pair of sharp scissors
  • A can of Rust-Oleum spray paint that can be used on plastic
  • A drop sheet or piece of a similar item that you can use to spray paint on
  • Superglue or Epoxy
  • Toothpicks or skewers to apply the glue with

How to Make a Dinosaur Cake Stand

Dinosaur Cake Stand

Start by either cutting the dinosaur in half or pulling the top from the bottom

The next step is not very scientific.

You need to start cutting off bits of the dinosaur until the top and the bottom of the dinosaur holds the plate level.

Rather keep the excess pieces as they might come in handy to level the dinosaur in the end

Place the plastic animal on the drop sheet and spray paint the animal using the can as per the instructions on the back of it.

How to Make a Dinosaur Cake Stand

Using the glue or epoxy and the toothpicks apply the glue to the dinosaur to stick it to the plate

How to Make a Dinosaur Cake Stand

How to Make a Dinosaur Cake Stand

Add your treat and throw a party!

How to Make a Dinosaur Cake Stand

These beautiful images were taken by Melanie Wessels Photography 

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