• Blue Matcha & Chocolate Cupcakes
    Gluten Free

    Blue Matcha & Chocolate Cupcakes

    I have been experimenting with all things blue this week and today is no exception and I have created a recipe for these Blue Matcha and Chocolate Cupcakes. These Blue Matcha & Chocolate Cupcakes cupcakes are: Made with Gluten Free Flour Make exactly two big cupcakes or three small cupcakes Contain Blue Matcha, a 100% Natural food colouring What is Blue Matcha? Blue matcha is a specialty blue tea, made from organic Butterfly Pea Flower. While this beautiful blue powder is still being researched to fully confirm it’s health benefits, it has been said to reduce stress and may improve memory. The icing and decoration The icing is made with butter,…

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    Blue Spirulina Chocolate Bounty Bars

    Time for a chocolate bar reinvention and today it’s these Blue Spirulina Chocolate Bounty Bars. Chocolate and Coconut go together perfectly and Bounty Bars are a perfect example of this union. So there is no need to reinvent the wheel to recreate these chocolate bars – just small tweaks and additions.   Breaking down the recipe I don’t know about you, but I love making goodies from scratch. It usually tastes way better and you know exactly what goes in it. Take homemade pesto or homemade almond butter for instance. For these Blue Spirulina Chocolate Bounty Bars, I didn’t want to add any extra sugar to the coconut mixture, so it’s just…

  • Peanut and Hazelnut M&M'S

    M&M’s – Peanut & Hazelnut Limited Edition

    Good news for nut lovers – M&M’s has introduced the M&M’s® Peanut and Hazelnut limited edition for the first time in South Africa. Whether you are a fan of peanuts, hazelnuts, or both, the delicious colourful buttoned-shaped peanut and hazelnut coated in milk chocolate variant will be on shelves at all major retail stores nationwide, while stocks last. Why not add them to a batch of brownies or top them on a cake? The new peanut and hazelnut M&M’s are available in 90g and 128g bags. Can you tell which ones are hazelnut and which ones are peanut? Happy snacking! Love, Cat

  • Merlot Wine Brownies
    Dairy Free,  Gluten Free

    {Gluten & Dairy Free} Merlot & Chocolate Brownies

    Friday is here and what better way to celebrate than with Gluten & Dairy Free Merlot and Chocolate Brownies? It’s no secret I am in LOVE with a range of products that I have discovered from Chayah Foods. I have already made a Matcha Blue Smoothie Bowl and Blueberry Moon Milk. There was another product that got my creative juices flowing – their Merlot Flour. Say what? Merlot Wine Flour? This flour is real and is perfect in any recipe to add flavour, colour and even nutrition. Its taste is just like a good Merlot – but in powdered form! It is naturally gluten-free as well as alcohol free, but I…

  • Dairy Free,  Gluten Free

    Healthier Peppermint Crisp Tart

    Happy Monday! Holiday spirit is officially the air – people are talking life less seriously and I am making a healthier Peppermint Crisp Tart – using gluten free biscuits, a vegan homemade caramel and a coconut whipped cream. The thing that I think we all love about a Peppermint Crisp Tart is the fact that it has that moreish coconut taste from the Tennis Biscuits and that sweetness from the caramel, which is all balanced out by the layers of cream and pops of freshness in our mouths from the Peppermint. Remaking an old favourite I think I have managed to achieve something similar, but slightly healthier – just by swopping…

  • Chocolate Granola Tarts
    Gluten Free

    24 Days of Christmas: I Heart Granola Chocolate Tarts

    It’s Day 7 of my 24 Days of Christmas, and I am serving up I Heart Granola Chocolate Tarts. These Chocolate Granola Tarts are gluten free – because I Heart Granola is of course a gluten free granola.  They can be served with fruit and chocolate as a decadent breakfast, or as a midday snack. I topped mine with raspberries and cherries, but the sky’s the limit – you can use any fruit / chocolate you prefer. If you haven’t heard of I Heart Granola yet – it’s a little passion project my sister and I have together – selling good for you Granola. Check us out here.  You can…

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    Buy a Lindt Teddy Bear to donate a school bag

    I received a drop of these cute little Lindt Teddy Bears a few weeks back and I wanted to share the campaign with you too. When you are Christmas shopping and looking for stocking stuffers, just grab a Lindt Teddy Bear. If you purchase two LINDT TEDDY BEARS and enter the unique codes on Lindt.com, LINDT will donate 1 school bag to a child from the SOS Children’s Villages South Africa. (From now until 25 December 2018.)     I love it when brands make it easier for consumers to help out and this really is a simple campaign mechanic. Plus these teddies make the cutest stocking filler! Say Hello to…

  • Gluten Free Chocolate Birthday Cake
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    {Gluten Free} Chocolate Birthday Cake and 30 things I now know!

    Ok as of this moment – I am officially 30 years old, so I made a Chocolate Birthday Cake to celebrate. Before I get to the chocolate cake though, I have to take a moment to acknowledge that this is happening.   I am 30. That feels so incredibly strange to type out. “Hello, my name is Cat and I’m 30 years old.”   I think it isn’t really the number that scares me, more so the fact that I feel as though I celebrated my 21st just a few years ago. It was Arabian Night themed and the Disney lover inside of me made sure that everybody dressed up.     This…

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    {Gluten Free} Baking with Ruby Chocolate

    Ever heard of Ruby Chocolate? After dark, milk and white, ruby is the most uncommon chocolate discovery in 80 years. That’s right – there hasn’t been a chocolate discovery this ground breaking for over 80 years! Towards the end of 2017, Swiss chocolate maker Barry Callebaut announced the discovery, as well as the fact that his company would be producing this fourth type of chocolate. Joining dark, milk and white, ruby has now entered the chocolate family, meeting many chocolate lovers excitement and of course, sceptics criticisms – (many believe white chocolate isn’t even chocolate and they classify ruby’s strange taste in the same league as white). For Chocolate Lovers, we…

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    Try the New LINDOR Milk Mint

    A week or so ago, I got a drop from Lindt SA to celebrate their new variant in the LINDOR range – the limited edition LINDOR Milk Mint, which arrived in a BEAUTIFULLY packaged Gold box filed to the brim with the green chocolates. I wasted no time in opening this beautiful box and unwrapping a LINDOR ball, and it didn’t disappoint, with it’s smooth melting chocolate and mint center, inside that delicious shell that slowly melts away in your mouth. BLISS. The limited edition choccie is available in cornet box of 200g, as well as a 3-piece 37g at all major retailers and Lindt Boutiques nationwide. www.lindt.com Product information…

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