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  • {Travel} What to do in Cape Town for New Years 2019 1
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    {Travel} What to do in Cape Town for New Years 2019

    From the 27th to the 1st of December, a bunch of friends and I are going down to Cape Town for New Years and I am BEYOND excited to ring in 2019 in the Mother City! I have never experienced New Years in Cape Town before, but I have a feeling it’s going to be amazing! One of my friends is coming all the way from the UK and has been asking me on every whatsapp call what we are doing for New Years, and I really hadn’t given it much thought. Until I realised we are halfway through October. So, I started doing some research and in the process…

  • Zanzibar Part 3: Prison Island & Stone Town 23
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    Zanzibar Part 3: Prison Island & Stone Town

    Happy Monday and Heritage Weekend! Today I’m chatting about Prison Island and Stone Town in Zanzibar. If you have been following along, I have spoken about Spice Tours, Mnemba Island, and Safari Blue so far and I am getting to the end of this four-part blog series on Zanzibar. I am really starting to feel sad about being home for two weeks already (I know I am strange, been this way since I was a kid) and almost every night I dream about Zanzibar, which is usually a strong indication that something/someone has left its mark on me. So I really do hope to go exploring Zanzibar again soon, but…

  • {Travel} Zanzibar - Part 2: Mnemba Atoll & Safari Blue 53
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    {Travel} Zanzibar – Part 2: Mnemba Atoll & Safari Blue

      With The Spice Islands Tour behind us, today I want to tell you about two sea excursions in Zanzibar I think should definitely be on your bucket list. The first is Mnemba Atoll, a marine reserve near Mnemba Island. The atoll is teeming with wildlife and is considered one of the best regions for diving / snorkelling in all of Zanzibar. Mnemba is a private island, located on the Northeast coast of Zanzibar Island (where we stayed) that a really rich guy has purchased. The Island is home to the &Beyond Mnemba Island Lodge, and although for most travellers a stay at this hotel is not possible, the large circular reef…

  • Visiting a Zanzibar Spice Farm 87
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    Visiting a Zanzibar Spice Farm

    This blog post all about visiting a Zanzibar Spice Farm. From the moment you set foot out of the plane in Zanzibar you are warmly welcomed to the island not only from the warm tropical breezes but from the people themselves. “JAMBO! You are welcome to our island. Hakuna Matata” That is the welcome you receive wherever you go. At first I thought the locals were just trying to relate to ‘westerners’, because they knew we really liked Disney’s ‘The Lion King’. However, I soon realised that Hakuna Matata is honestly and truly the way they go about living their lives – a mantra they embody in everything that they do.…

  • {Spa Day} Escape JHB & Visit Zau Spa 115
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    {Spa Day} Escape JHB & Visit Zau Spa

    Want to escape from grey old Jozi for a day? Then take an hours drive to the Diamond town of Cullinan and you can relax in the tranquility that is Zau Spa, set against the backdrop of the Cullinan Dam. My sister and her boyfriend were raving about this place so I decided to third wheel and gatecrashed their appointment. As we walked in to the spa we were warmly greeted by the friendly, professional staff, who seated us outside and began to wash our feet, and then hand us robes and slippers to change into. Once we were in our robes we headed to the cozy and warm dining…

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