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  • A First Timers Guide to The Kruger 1
    Lifestyle,  Travel

    A First Timers Guide to The Kruger

    I wrote a first Timers Guide to The Kruger blog post because it really is one of the most special places you will ever visit in your lifetime and it is right on your doorstep. In fact, from Joburg, the closest gate, Malelane is only four and a half hours away. That may be pretty obvious to regular Kruger goers, but I do think a lot of South Africans forget just how lucky we are to have such easy access to the park, considering that thousands of tourists from around the world, spend years saving to visit the Kruger, then take the long haul flights with stop-overs and endless road…

  • When is the best time to buy Airline tickets? 17
    Lifestyle,  Travel

    When is the best time to buy Airline tickets?

    Is there REALLY a BEST TIME to buy Airline tickets? Travelstart says YES. There really is a science to buying air tickets at the best time. Have you ever noticed when searching for flights, that the first time you checked the price was cheaper, but now it’s gone up by a few hundred rands? Or that the tickets during a certain month shoot up inexplicably? Well, there really is a science to buying tickets and Travelstart* have figured out the formula for us all! In fact, Shaun and I used it last week Tuesday to book tickets to Zanzibar in September and it worked! EEEEEK! OK so let’s break down…

  • How not to be a Butt-head in the Kruger 21
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    How not to be a Butt-head in the Kruger

    As promised in my last Kruger article, I wanted to write a blog post about How Not To Be A Butt-head in the Kruger. There are a lot of regular Kruger goers, old-timers and veterans, who have been going to the park for years, who respect the rules and etiquette of the Kruger and who constantly have to deal with butt-heads who show no respect to the park and animals. Butt-heads everywhere in the Kruger What we have come to realise in our time visiting is that nobody reads or respects the rules they receive from SAN Parks when driving into the park. With that in mind, here are a…

  • Cape Town in 72 Hours 37
    Lifestyle,  Travel

    Cape Town in 72 Hours

    It is possible to see ALOT of Cape Town in 72 Hours. I cannot believe the first time I actually went there EVER was only in 2016. How had I lived my entire life without knowing such a beautiful place? Both times we’ve visited, we arrived early on a Friday morning and left on Monday morning. And, both times we crammed everything we possibly could into those 72 hours. So, I thought I’d love to write about some of the things you can do over the course of 2 – 3 days in the beautiful mother city, which you can use as a guide, especially if it’s your first time…

  • Visit Woolly Bugger Farm 78
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    Visit Woolly Bugger Farm

    Want to know why you should visit Visit Woolly Bugger Farm? Read on. Shaun turned 30 last month and it’s kind of become a tradition that we take each other away, instead of buying presents. We call them ‘experience gifts’ and they are really awesome, because exploring a new place is kind of like a gift that keeps on giving (sounds cheesy I know) and you’ve got those special memories forever. (Truth) I did some research on some more off-the-beaten-track fly fishing places and I found this article on Getaway Magazine and decided on Woolly Bugger Farm in Tonteldoos. What you need to know The road to get there is…

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