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  • Merlot Wine Brownies
    Gluten Free,  Dairy Free

    Merlot & Chocolate Brownies

    Friday is here and what better way to celebrate than with Merlot & Chocolate Brownies that are also gluten free? It’s no secret I am in LOVE with a range of products that I have discovered from Chayah Foods. I have already made a Matcha Blue Smoothie Bowl and Blueberry Moon Milk. There was another product that got my creative juices flowing – their Merlot Flour. Say what? Merlot Wine Flour? This flour is real and is perfect in any recipe to add flavour, colour and even nutrition. Its taste is just like a good Merlot – but in powdered form! It is naturally gluten-free as well as alcohol free, but…

  • final rainbow roll edited edited
    Gluten Free,  Mains

    {Gluten Free} Honey & Tahini Rainbow Bowl

    Hey there – one last post before the weekend and this ones a Honey and Tahini Rainbow Bowl, which makes the perfect healthy, nutritious lunch and involves NO cooking. It’s naturally gluten, vegan and dairy free. The recipe below makes one bowl, and all you really need are fresh ingredients, which you can cut and chop at home and then assemble at work.   Ingredients: Salad dressing: 4 tbsp of tahini 1 tbsp lemon juice 2 tbsp runny honey 1 tbsp water salt & pepper to taste Bowl: 1 handful micro greens 60 ml quinoa, cooked handful cabbage, shredded 1 carrot, peeled and thinly sliced 6 mini corns, chopped 1/2 avocado,…

  • 23 4 18 1838
    Dairy Free,  FODMAP,  Gluten Free,  Sweets & Snacks

    {Gluten & Dairy Free} Orange Sweet Potato Crumpets

    Happy Monday Guys and it’s a four day week so no reason to feel the Monday Blues 🙂 So, over the weekend I had a beautiful bag of these bright orange Sweet Potato chunks that were just staring at me from the fridge that I thought I’d experiment with. First – lets have an honest moment here. Truth: Probably only about 60% of what I make, do I blog about – the rest is just a gold old fashioned flop! The thing is, when you substitute milk and flour with other alternative ingredients such as soya, almond and gluten free flours, it is a very difficult balancing act and sometimes…

  • Oreo Ice Cream and Cone
    Sweets & Snacks,  Dairy Free

    Creamy Ice-Cream with Crushed Oreo

    Who wants to make Creamy Ice-Cream with Crushed Oreo? 😍 Over the weekend we hosted a special dinner for Shaun’s mom’s birthday. I decided it was time to take out the ice cream maker, which I purchased last year from Yuppie Chef, but haven’t really had a chance to use. It’s a Krups Ice Cream and Sorbet maker and its super easy to use. After leaving the ‘bowl’ in the freezer for 24 hours, you make your ice cream mixture and pour it into the frozen bowl, while the paddles stirs the mixture until it resembles ice cream. Has to be on of the best kitchen gadget purchases I have…

  • DSC 0578 edited
    Dairy Free,  Gluten Free,  Sweets & Snacks

    {Dairy Free} Acai Berry & Vanilla Panna Cotta’s

    As you may have picked up from all my blog posts so far, I have a slight dairy intolerance. So I am always looking for ways that I can eat ‘normal’ food and desserts that wont give me stomach issues. One of my favourite desserts is Panna Cotta, but the problem is it’s like a 90% milk / cream dessert. I started playing around with coconut milk and gelatin, to see if I could make one that I could actually eat. These are two Dairy Free Panna Cotta versions I am settled on – Plain Vanilla and then Vanilla and Acai Berry. They are both quite yummy and have a…

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