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  • Make this Easy, Vegan Za'atar Hummus 1
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    Make this Easy, Vegan Za’atar Hummus

    A recipe to make this easy, vegan Za’atar Hummus, that can be blended up and served in under five minutes, made with chickpeas, lemon, tahini and za’atar. It’s been a while that I have posted a recipe guys, you’ll have to excuse my tardiness, I have been blessed with a huge amount of freelance work, oh and wedding plans. The big day is about a month and a half away and we are starting to feel the pressure! Still loving every minute of the planning, though, it’s been such a special time. Ok time to get to the point – I am here to post this easy, vegan Za’atar Hummus…

  • What do IFBB Bikini Competitors eat? 5

    What do IFBB Bikini Competitors eat?

    Ever wondered – What do IFBB Bikini Competitors eat, or how they get ready for competitions? I chatted to Logan Leigh Rix, who you might have spotted on the cover of this months Fitness Magazine… What do IFBB Bikini Competitors eat How did you get into this industry?  I got asked this question the other day and that’s when I realised that there was never a conscious decision, it just sort of happened. I really enjoyed gyming and living a healthy lifestyle, and because of that I decided to compete. It is still a shock to me that people have taken an interest in me and I feel extremely lucky…

  • Ever heard of Probiotics for your Skin? 14

    Ever heard of Probiotics for your Skin?

    Have you ever heard of probiotics for your skin? If you have been following along this week, you know I am doing a guided 7 day Gut Reset with Nine Aesthetics and Nourished WellBeing. Tomorrow is my last day of the cleanse, but I was already seeing the effects on my body by day 3, including less bloating and constipation. Then on day 4, the bad bacteria in my gut decided they were not going out without a fight and my skin started to become sensitized and inflamed from all the toxins being released. You see, when your body is detoxing from anything, you’ll likely go through withdrawal symptoms. This…

  • Strawberry Fruit Roll Ups
    Dairy Free,  Gluten Free,  Sweets & Snacks,  Vegan

    Strawberry Fruit Roll Ups

    Strawberry Fruit Roll Ups remind me of my childhood when my dad would go to Fruit and Veg City and stock up on the Banana and Guava variants for us. I remember watching Cartoon Network with my brothers and sisters and peeling back the fruit roll, then slowly tearing off piece by piece, trying to make the roll-up last as long as possible. As I grew older I started to dislike anything guava flavoured, so I thought it might be a good time to figure out how to make a roll-up in a different flavour. I watched a few videos online and it seems the idea is simple – all…

  • {Gluten Free} Smoked Salmon Poke Bowl 39
    Gluten Free,  Mains

    {Gluten Free} Smoked Salmon Poke Bowl

    Today’s recipe is smoked salmon poke bowls and I’m sure you’ve tried a poke bowl by now? They are still very popular, probably because they are so customisable and fresh – giving you a chance to really be creative in the selection of vegetables and protein concoctions. Poke means “to slice or cut” in Hawaiian and refers to chunks of raw, marinated fish — usually tuna or even salmon, tossed over rice and topped with vegetables. (Also, it’s pronounced POH-keh, not POKE) This recipe uses smoked salmon for two reasons – One, sushi grade Salmon/Tuna is very very expensive in Joburg and two, I know a few people can’t bear to…

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